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Igbara-Oke people migrated from Ile-Ife under the able leadership of Arajaka. They left Ile-Ife with a crown given by Obanifon, as well as the sword of Olua, Alayere, Igba-Ifa, guns and farm implements.

The people stopped and stayed for a while in a number of places before reaching the present day Igbara-Oke. Amongst the places they stopped were the present day Ilesa, Alaaye, Igbo Onigbagbara, Onikolo; they later settled temporarily at Olowinrin for thirteen years. At Olowinrin, Arajaka, the leader of the group gave birth to twins, Alarelu and Adeyigba. The people also suffered a great disaster at Olowinrin. A small-pox epidemic broke out and claimed the lives of Arajaka and other people. This epidemic forced the people to leave Olowinrin in two groups in two different directions.

While Alarelu group departed south-westwards of Olowinrin to Odo-Oko, which later became to be known as Igbara-Odo.  Adeyigba group went east-wards to Oke-Oko, which later became to be known as Igbara-Oke. Adeyigba later became the first king of Igbara-Oke. He divided the town into six quarters, with a principal chief as the head of each of the quarters. The six principal chief also have minor chiefs under them who were given responsibilities for conflict resolutions, peace, security, sacrifices to the gods and welfare matters.

Igbara-Oke was involved in many Yoruba internecine wars against the Ibadan, Ijesa and EkitiParapo. Igbara-Oke rebuffed the Ogedengba warriors and was victorious at the Akurin and Oboto wars. However, by the middle of the 19th century, Igbara-Oke was defeated by Benin forces, thereby subjecting the town to Benin administration.

Christianity was first introduced to Igbara-Oke in 1884. By 1911, the first primary school was established at Igbara-Oke. In 1958, Igbara-Oke became the first town to have a secondary school in the environ. Records show that after Ado-Ekiti, Igbara-Oke was next to have standard six class in the entire Ekiti land, comprising the present Ekiti and Akure areas. In 1939, the first Ekiti Company of the Boys Brigade of Nigeria was formed in Igbara-Oke by Late Rev. (later Bishop) I. O. S. Okusanya.

Igbara-Oke currently serves as the headquarters of Ifedore Local Government, a similar position she held in 1954 during the administration of Ifedore District Council. The Olowa of Igbara-Oke is a member of the Ondo State Council of Obas.

The ascension to the throne of Olowa of Igbara-Oke is in succession among three ruling houses of Oberubese, Aruogbon and Ogidi. The present Oba, His Royal Highness Oba J. A. Adepoju is from the Oberubese ruling house.