Friday 27th December 2013 offered another chance to gather the youths and young minds of Igbara-Oke for empowerment.  Not an empowerment with ammunition but an empowerment from the words of life coaches, mentors, motivational and inspirational speakers.

I-YES 2013, which is the second edition of its kind, tagged: BE THE BEST AND TAKE THE LEAD, took place at the St. Paul’s Anglican Church Hall, Opp. Wema Bank, ObadaIgbara-Oke, Ondo state. The annual summit under the stable of 100/5 Academy is geared towards helping Igbara-Oke Youths to create opportunities and develop their potentials, with the edition having Engr. NiyiIjogun, (Chairman; Premier Holiday Resorts, Molete, Igbara-Oke) as the keynote speaker.


At about 9:30am, the National Anthem opened the floor for official speeches and lectures. Nevertheless, the opening prayer was not skipped. As anchored by Paul AbiodunOluwabusola of Diamond Vision Global Company, the summit began by a live Vocational Training on PHOTOGRAPHY and BEAD-MAKING with Victor and KemisolaIbukun.

In an oral presentation session handled by AbiodunAdewale (Pioneer; The Eagle News Bulletin). Secondary school students did justice to the topic: “IGBARA-OKE: THE YOUTH AND THE FUTURE”. The schools represented include; Royal Kingdom College Igbara-Oke (Ikotun Victor), Anglican Grammar School Igbara-Oke (AwonusiAina), Faith Model College Igbara-Oke (AsaoluOlayemi), Baptist Secondary School (Ayoola Samuel) and lastly, Community High School, Isarun (Ajidahun Esther); with each student being a good ambassador of their schools.

adetiloye dayo1

Immediately after the presentation was the opening address by the Convener; DayoAdetiloye. In his words, he inspired everybody present with the scope and goal of the summit. There by preparing the mind of everybody for a life changing experience.

bunmi arowosafe1

The syndicate sessions started properly with Bunmi Arowosafe of Life Moulding School. Within a short while, she was able to do justice to the topic: YOUTH AND CHOICE OF CAREER AND FRIENDS.

Next on the podium was the radical but inspiring BabatundeAfolabi (Brand Manager; BOA Universal Concept). With the likeness of the spirit he put on in the previous edition, Babatunde critically dealt with the topic: YOUTH AND JOB SEARCH/RECRUITMENT. In his lecture, he gave certain principles that must be embraced while seeking employment in any organization. There he trained on how to write a C.V that gets the job.

The 3rd session entitled: YOUTH AND LEADERSHIP/POLITICS was handled AfeOlukayode, (Founder; Uncle kay Group of Schools). In his usual classroom manner, he delivered a detailed lecture, noting that the problem of Nigeria is in Leadership. Thus, there is need to inculcate good leadership spirit into our youths. The sub-topics in his lecture include: Definition of Youth and Leadership, Leader and Leadership Traits and Qualities of a Good Leader.

OlanrewajuAdeoye of Blessed City Technologies came up to enlighten people on: YOUTH AND IDEA GENERATION/STARTING A BUSINESSS. In an articulated and organized form, LanreAdeoye spelt out certain principles that must be taken to start a business. The first and paramount of all is VISION.


While the fourth session, the keynote speaker of the summit, Engr. NiyiIjogun (Chairman PHR, Molete, Igbara-Oke) came into the venue, with anxious and expectant eyes glued to him.

Finally he came up to address a gathering of emerging youths who were eager to listen to him. His lecture was dominated by his experiences as a youth. He didn’t fail to talk about the challenges he faced, surprisingly, the number of times he sat for WAEC. Engr. Ijogun spoke from experience and urged the youths to rise when they fall. According to him, “…falling in your Endeavour doesn’t make you a failure, what matters is your ability to rise again”. Shortly before he left, he made a generous contribution towards the continuity of the programme and also helped with the presentation of prizes to award winning secondary school students.

In a session that arrested the attention of the females in the hall, Abraham Ruth, the Author of The Rewarding Power of Focus, delivered a mind touching speech on the topic: BECOMING A LADY OF INFLUENCE.

Again on the podium was the convener; DayoAdetiloye, this time around speaking about: YOUTH AND ONLINE PRESENCE, MENTORING AND PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS.

“YOUTH AND SELECTION OF FUTURE PARTNER” was handled by Mrs.Yemi Akomolafe, leading the minds of the youths away from parasitic relationships to favourable and Godly relationships.


The last session for the day has Pastor Ibukun speaking on YOUTH AND DIVINE EMPOWEREMENT. With references from the Holy Book, Pastor Ibukun inspired the youths with a fire spitting sermon.


Finally, the whole show was rounded up with a dance performance by PDS Dancing Group, thereafter was the Grace in unison. Once again, the National Anthem signaled the end of I-YES 2013, with many looking forward to seeing the next edition and more of it in the future.

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