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Youths are the leaders of today. The leadership skill is key for effective administration of the affairs of our personal life first before the society at large. We train them to be a responsible entity for families and society...

Vocational Training

Igbara-oke youth are exposed to different vocational training skills. We are of the opinion that certificates are no longer sufficient these days. The centre provides training in these different vocational Departments: Agro-Allied- fish farming, cattle fattening. Food processing and...

Global Alignment / Networking

The centre creates a platform to network all the Igbara-oke youth at all levels home and abroad. We use the website, facebook group and other online platforms to create this alignment. This has revolutionized the contribution of people to...


Scholarship is significant, creative, original engagement with an idea. This scholarship is an award of financial aid for students to further his or her education. At the centre, we give out scholarship to support the education of Igbara-oke youths....


Igbara-oke youths see the centre as a platform to meet like minds that are visionary, self-dependent and expert thinkers. The centre, train youths on how to build relationship with superior (MENTORS), with their peers and with junior colleagues.


There are many avenues to learn new business ideas. Having business ideas is not enough but having a good business opportunity. We create and train youth on the way to do it


Career entails an occupation undertaken for a significant period of person’s life and with opportunities for progress

Academics: Focusing Excellence

We provide platforms to encourage excellence in academic as we bring different people that help to encourage young people in their academics. We provide rewards inform of scholarships for Academic excellence.